We manufacture high quality peptides

Length Purity Quantity Counter-Ion
Up to 60 amino acids ≥95%, ≥90%, ≥85%, ≥70%, or crude 1mg minimum up to gram quantities, delivered as gross weight or net weight Default is TFA salt. We also offer acetate, chloride or ammonium salt exchange for an additional fee

Please note that these specifications may vary for modified peptides

Identity % Purity Additional testing available upon request
By Mass Spec Analysis By HPLC
  • Water content determination
  • Peptide content determination (CHN analysis or quant-peptide service)
  • Solubility testing
  • Peptide Sequence confirmation
  • Counterion determination
  • Heavy metal content determination
  • Endotoxin & Bioburden content determination
Documentation Format Shipping Lead Time
  • HPLC & Mass Spec chromatograms
  • Technical data sheet (TDS)
Lyophilized powder, peptide in solution on request For special format, please inquire about our Dispensing options Ambient temperature 3-5 weeks Highly modified peptides may require longer production times


Our manufacturing platforms allow synthesizing simple up to complex, hydrophobic, or multi-modified peptides.
Applications range from basic research up to drug discovery and GMP grade* usage.

*Our GMP grade peptides cannot be used as an API in their current form

Discover our GMP peptide service


We use chemical methodologies that allow reaching very high peptide purities and setting very stringent quality standards.
Should impurities interfere with your assay, we can help improving your peptide quality.


Most importantly, we believe that communication and collaboration with our customers is key to forging a long-term sustainable partnership.

  • Technical Support available by videoconference, phone or email
  • On-site visits can be organized
  • Flexible Service options


We understand that confidentiality is important to you, and we will treat your project and data with the utmost security and are available to sign confidentiality and service agreements.

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