Proteomics with longevity

In 1993 a group of industrial scientists saw the need for a better source of high-quality proteomic products and services, and established AnaSpec.

As a leading pioneer in peptide synthesis, AnaSpec later expanded its capabilities via acquisition and R&D, to introduce multiple complementary product lines. Over 25 years later, we passionately continue with our mission to provide innovative quality products in support of the scientific community.

Founding of AnaSpec Inc

Custom Peptide Synthesis services begin

Proprietary QXL quenchers and HiLyte dyes launched

AnaSpec offers Assay Kit services

AnaSpec becomes a subsidiary of Eurogentec

AnaSpec becomes a part of Kaneka Corporation

CyLyte Dyes are introduced to the market

AnaSpec launches GMP Manufacturing Services

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  • 2017
  • 2018

Our ambition is to be a leading provider of Large-Scale and Critical Raw Material Peptides. We continue to serve the research community by offering complex peptides, developing new technologies and surrounding ourselves with exceptional talent. 

Lieven JANSSENS - President

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